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Sarah Cook

24 week Barn Bootcamp fitness transformation

Starting date at The Barn: 31 July 2021
Starting Weight: 73Kg
Current Weight: 64Kg
Total Weight Loss: 9Kg
Duration: 24 Weeks

24 Weeks - Start: 31 July 2021

Starting Weight


Current Weight


Total Weight Loss


Sarah joined our Six Week Challenge back in Summer 2021. Sarah has always enjoyed sports and fitness but found she had gotten lazy, so was looking for a way to improve her all-round fitness. 

Since attending The Barn Bootcamp sessions, not only has Sarah lost 10kg and seen progression in her strength, Sarah now enjoys working towards new goals in the gym and in bootcamp sessions. 

Sarah’s consistency and fantastic efforts in bootcamp sessions have been recognised by all of our trainers at The Barn, and we can’t wait to see what Sarah Achieves next. 

Here Sarah explains what her biggest challenge has been so far and what she hopes to achieve in the future with us:

What has been your biggest challenge with your training programme? 

“Without a doubt, it has to be changing the way I was eating. Attending bootcamps in all weathers and getting steps in hasn’t bothered me, but when my initial goal was fat loss and I started really taking note of some bad habits I’d gotten into, I had to make a few changes. In doing that though I’ve learned more about using nutrition to fuel my workouts and hopefully I can apply those principles to the next phases of my training.”

Do you have any future goals or targets? 

“To keep working on my strength and overall fitness – if the January AirBike Challenge taught me anything it’s that I’ve still some way to go when it comes to cardio! I also really enjoyed taking part in last year’s Barn Games, so I’d like to give that my best effort this year too.”

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