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Richard Holmes

Richard Holmes before and after transformation

45 years old, Business Owner, Pint Shop.

45 years old
Business Owner, Pint Shop.

Starting date at The Barn: January 2021
Starting Weight: 99.2Kg
Current Weight: 75.6Kg
Total Weight Loss: 24.6Kg
Duration:  18 Weeks

18 Weeks - Start: January 2021

Starting Weight


Current Weight


Total Weight Loss


Why Did Richard Start?

When Rich joined The Barn, he had faced one of the most challenging years of his life. 
After years of running a successful pub restaurant business in the centre of Cambridge, in March 2020, he was forced to close his doors and fight for survival. 
With over 45 people on his payroll, a young family and a high wave of uncertainty for what was still to come, Rich was tipping the scales at a little under 100kg and in poor physical condition. 
There could have been any number of reasons or excuses for why Rich wasn’t ready to take control and responsibility for his health, but he knew something needed to change. 
It was at this point he reached out to The Barn for help. 

Setting Up for Success

Achieving results like Rich’s requires detailed assessment and planning for the road ahead. 
Naturally, owning a pub and being a father to a young family, there will be plenty of challenges along the way, and these initial targets were met with scepticism.
“I don’t think we could achieve that goal weight” is a common message in the early sessions. 
However, through setting clear goals, and expectations for what was required. We managing his progress week to week. These early concerns swiftly disappeared as the confidence in the results being achieved started to grow. 

What was Rich's Nutrition Plan like?

The first step in creating Rich’s nutrition plan was to assess his starting body composition and highlight any specific requirements. 
Rich had a nutrition plan to build to meet the demands of his busy schedule, whilst ensure that the meals weren’t bland and boring. 
Starting off, we looked to reduce his carbohydrate intake to and increased his protein and vegetable intake. 
This would allow him to have a good amount of food to recover well, and feel energised throughout the day! 
Being an owner of a pub, saying no to the booze completely just wasn’t an option… 
He managed to get control over his alcohol intake and fit this into his new found lifestyle whilst still making progress week on week.

What was Rich's Training Plan like?

It was important that we built a training plan that met his needs at different points throughout his transformation. 
What Rich was capable of when he weighed 99kg, and was massively unfit, was very different to what he could do when he was 20 kg lighter with more muscle mass. 
Taking a whole body workout approach to start with allowed Rich to make progress in almost every session, whilst allowing him the recovery needed to sustain in the long term. 
Through tracking his progress via The Barn Bootcamp App, we were able to make logical decisions about what steps were best to take through his journey. 

What have you most enjoyed about your time with us at The Barn?

In his own words, the best thing about his transformation was “Having that zest for life again”.
Whilst dropping over 20kg is an incredible physically achievement, the benefits he’s seen in his mental health have been equally phenomenal. 

What Next?

With the pub reopening, and life somewhat getting back to normal. Rich’s transformation has set him up for an amazing 2022 to come. 
Whilst retaining his current body composition over the past few months, he’s booked himself in for multiple Marathons, Tough Mudders and challenges that all seem to be nothing more than a distance idea 12 months ago. 
He wants to continue his progress with personal training and continue to push himself to new limits. 

Could You Achieve Results Like Rich?

The journey begins with our Six Week Challenge. 
This challenge is designed to provied you with all the recourses and support you need to start seeing results just like Rich. 
The first step is to book in for a free consultation to discuss your goals and see if this could be the right thing for you. 
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