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Get three of your
to join in march..
AND RECEIVE £300 credit

We’ve decided to run a boosted referral incentive for March to help your friends and family get into shape ready for Summer.
It’s super simple, get THREE of your friends/family to join us in March, and we will give you £300 credit.
You could get a few months’ worths of Bootcamp, many Personal Training sessions or some Barn Merch. 
There is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can refer. 
 If they decide that they want to join the barn via your referral, they will count as one of your three referrals. 
Even if you don’t get all three friends to join, you’ll still receive a £50 credit for each friend who joins. 
  • Two Friends/Family Join in March – You’d receive £100 Credit. 
  • Three Friends/Family Join in March – You’d receive £300 Credit. 

This offer will only run during March, and all referred friends or family must have joined before the start of April to count towards your credits.