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Neil Slessor

Transformation before and after Neil

(18 weeks)

Neil had struggled with managing his weight for years.⠀

A busy job working in IT had led him to lose control of his eating habits. More often than not, his day would comprise of MacDonald’s burgers, ice creams and full-fat cokes.⠀

He struggled to fit in clothes and was growing increasingly unhappy with how he looked and felt.⠀

After Neil’s initial consultation, he knew that he had a big project ahead of him. However, he had a clear expectation set out for precisely what was required of him to get into the shape of his life.⠀

He’s dropped over 20kg, but his transformation has changed his life far more than just the way he looks. His confidence has increased dramatically. The once shy Neil now feels more outgoing and enjoying the praise from his friends and family about his body.