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GROUP Personal
Training Program


What Is Group Personal Training?

Group Personal Training program is an excellent way to progress for those looking to improve their overall results, improve strength and better understand training within a Gym.

Group Personal Training is a member-only program, which means that only those who have completed their initial Six-Week Challenge will participate.

For this service to have the most impact, we’ve decided to structure this as an additional one session per week, on top of existing Bootcamp memberships.

Participants will have the opportunity to work closely with a trainer, be coached on how to train hard and effectively, and have a consistent group of people they will train and communicate with, both inside and outside the sessions.

Sessions will be inside the gym, and groups will be four people per session.

Once you’ve secured your time slot, you’ll reserve that space for your time doing Group Personal Training.

Pick Your

Session Time

We’d still like you to commit to a specific time, as this is important for the group’s overall progression. However, if it is available and you need to switch to an alternative time, you can do so.

This also means that you’ll be able to make full use of the sessions over a more extended period if you cannot attend all the sessions consecutively.

What other members have said

"Beautiful location, amazing equipment and fantastic trainers but it's so much more than that."

Becky Thornton

"Highly recommended, whatever your fitness level or ability."

Martin Gale

"This is the best place in Cambridge to workout at, the atmosphere is excellent"

Maria Oliveira

"I joined The Barn Bootcamp through their six week challenge plan and have loved every minute of it."

Lorraine Pope

"Fantastic feel good factor about the place! Staff are outstanding! Always smiling and willing to engage."

Christopher Young

Select Your Package

As spaces are limited, If you are unsuccessful in getting a place in this current intake, we will keep you on a waiting list for the next time when a space next becomes available.

Apply via the form below, and we will confirm your start date.