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John Cooper

Starting date at The Barn: July 2021
Starting Weight: 113.3Kg
Current Weight: 96Kg
Total Weight Loss: 17.3Kg
Duration: 18 Weeks

“The Barn in one word? EPIC”

John’s day one started back in July 2021 with the Six Week Challenge. When John started with us his goal was to lose 7kg in weight, however, John has exceeded his expectations and has lost 16kg. 

John’s attitude and positivity is reflected in his achievements and is now continuing his journey with us taking part in our Group Personal Training Sessions which will focus on his strength and definition or in the words of John “I am just working on my summer beach bod”.

Here John tells us why he joined The Barn Bootcamp and what he has enjoyed the most:

Why did you join The Barn Bootcamp?

“I have always been a relatively active person and had lost that over lockdown and got ‘Covid FAT’. I knew I would like something like The Barn but did not trust any of the promotional marketing of any of the bootcamps in and around Cambridge. My friend Martin had joined The Barn Bootcamp in March 2021 and had been raving about it and I saw his transformation in person.

“I got in touch with Adam and was impressed by him (you have still got it bud) and how friendly, relaxed and professional he was. I also really liked the holistic approach of training, nutrition and building a community. I signed up for the 6 Week Challenge almost immediately and have not looked back, I have loved every moment even the finishers and the Jan challenge.”

What have you enjoyed most about your time at The Barn? 

“First and foremost I have just loved the regular training and getting back in shape, losing weight and becoming much more confident in my body.  Life is just easier when you are in shape and not carrying an extra 16 kg around with you. Then there is the community of people that come along week on week, rain or shine, and are all smashing out their own training and hitting their goals. I have to mention the trainers and their enthusiasm and support and finally the Coffee Box and Christmas Party. ”