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How to lose belly fat, in six steps

Many of our clients come to us wanting to lose belly fat.

How do they do it? 

Well, we’ve broken down the key factors into six simple steps. 

If there’s a trick to incredible results, it’s this: the ability to practice basic (sometimes boring) health behaviours over and over again.


Hear us out.

What we’re about to share will probably trigger your inner “I know this already” voice. You might roll your eyes and think there’s nothing new here. 

Nothing “cutting edge” or “sparkly.”

But, if you use these steps, you’ll see results.

Results you can actually sustain.

And hey, that would be pretty thrilling.

1. Know why you want to change your belly.

This will help you set clear goals and stay motivated.

Maybe you’re thinking, “This is easy. I’m here because I want to lose belly fat! Step 1 is now complete!”

Let’s get specific:

  • Has your doctor told you to lose weight for health reasons?
  • Are you pretty healthy, but feel like your pants are getting tighter, and you just wanna know what’s up?
  • Are you looking to get totally shredded, with visible abs?

Whatever your reasons, you’re taking some time to actually think about it. This whole process of change isn’t as easy as it sounds, it’s why so many people fail in the long term. 

Like everything, there are trade-offs with shedding the weight and wanting to see a real meaningful difference. 

It’s going to require a consistent effort for a sustained period of time. 

So, know your reasons for wanting to change.

And whether that change is worth the effort.

  1. Maintain a calorie (energy) deficit. 

You may have tried a number of fad diets or crazy protocols in the past and had limited or short term success.

It’s important to know the laws of energy balance as this will be the deciding factor in maintaining,

gaining and losing weight (belly fat).

Energy Balance is the relationship between the energy we take in from food or fluid and the energy we expend

through metabolism and activity.

If we take in more energy than we use, we gain weight.

If we take in less energy than we use, we lose weight.

If we take in the same amount of energy that we use, our weight stays the same.

Keeping a track of your intake and your activity will be a keep factor for when it comes to reviewing your progress and identifying the next steps on your journey. 

3. Accept (even if begrudgingly) that there’s no trick to spot-reducing belly fat.

We all want the easy way out of stubborn problems.

Especially when life (laundry, sick relatives, kids, injuries, and what’s that smell in the heating duct) feels challenging enough.

But just like you can’t lose fat only off your left tricep, you also can’t lose it just from your belly.

Belly fat loss goes along with overall body fat loss, which usually goes along with changes to diet and exercise.

Why are we telling you this? Because the sooner you give up on what doesn’t work, the sooner you can move on to what does.

4. Consume a diet centred around minimally processed foods.

While there aren’t any foods that will magically shrink your belly (celery juice, get outta here), highly-processed, highly-palatable foods can easily derail efforts to get leaner.


They’re just really easy to overeat.

Meanwhile, minimally processed foods—like lean proteins, colourful fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds—are more satisfying.

5. Eat slowly, until satisfied.

You might assume people need a strict food tracking method to start losing fat, but we just haven’t found that to be the case.

This is especially true when they learn to listen and respond to their internal sense of hunger and fullness, a skill known as internal appetite regulation.

By relaxing, eating slowly, and tuning into their thoughts, emotions, and bodily sensations, most people can make phenomenal progress.

6. Find an activity that you like.

One thing that has really set our results apart from the rest is that our clients who can’t get enough of the training have fallen in love with the whole experience of training at The Barn Bootcamp. 

This is no coincidence.

Exercise only works if you do it consistently—and long term.

This means that you must find an activity that you enjoy and is in an environment that makes you want to keep coming back for more time and time again. 

In other words, one exercise-until-you-hurl session isn’t gonna flatten your belly. Neither will two. Or three. Or seven. Or fifteen.

It takes session after session after session—week after week, month after month—to see and maintain results.

So if you love HIIT workouts more than ice cream, great. Keep it up.

On the other hand, if the idea of sprints, burpees and jumping around a red hurdle makes you want to hide in your cupboard and have a good cry listening to Lewis Capaldi, know that you’ve got options—lots and lots and lots of options.

We just told you about six ways to reduce belly fat.

But they’re just the start.

A healthy body is the result of many habits that support all dimensions of your life. 

It includes your relationships, your physical/mental well-being, your emotional health and your surroundings. 

Want to learn more about how The Barn Bootcamp could support you in achieving long-lasting results?

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