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The Six Week Challenge

Our mission is to help transform lives by providing first-class personal training that sets you up to sustain the shape of your life forever.

We have created the most effective way of getting into great shape, allowing you to sustain your results in the long term.

By providing a professional, structured approach to your goals, our methods are tried and tested for all types of people. No matter what your starting point or challenging circumstance. 

We believe that you should get a real tangible return on the time, effort and money you invest in yourself. 

This is why we have created a first-class personal training service that not only gives you the best return on time and money invested but also gives you all the tools to be able to sustain results for the rest of your life.

You may have tried to improve your health, fitness or physical appearance before and something hasn’t just worked out. That’s okay. We’ve worked with many people in a similar position to you before.

We are here to listen, advise and coach you every step of the way. We are a team that operates with a drive to understand you, your circumstances, and then apply our expertise to get you results.

This is much more than just a nutrition or training plan.

This is about providing you with all the tool and support you need to ensure that you are capable of getting to where you want to be.

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About the 6 week challenge

The Barn Bootcamp Six-Week Challenge is the complete transformation challenge. We combine your training and nutrition requirements to allow you to see long-lasting results in just six weeks.

The challenge is inclusive of three group personal training sessions per week, at a time that suits you best. The sessions have been designed to push you to progress at your own level. This means that if you're a novice or an advanced trainee, you'll be able to see a great benefit from taking on the challenge.

To ensure that you're able to fit in this challenge around your busy schedule, you'll be able to attend at any of our 21 sessions a week. Starting as early as 6:00 am and finished as late as 7:30 pm. Whilst Nutrition can be a daunting thought for most. The Challenge allows you to take all the guessing game out of it by having one of our expert team create you a bespoke nutrition plan. We manage all your progress and programs through The Barn Bootcamp App, which acts as a valuable asset to your ongoing results. 

The Six-Week Challenge is about giving you a high level of accountability and structure, in an environment of like-minded people who all want you to succeed and achieve a happier, healthier version of yourself.