The Barn Bootcamp.

The Barn Bootcamp is not a big national chain of the gym, but a family business. 

It was built for our community. 

The concept we now have was first brought to life in early 2020, before officially opening our doors in January 2021. 

Adam first had the idea of setting this up after return from extended travel, cut short due to the global pandemic. 

With all the gyms closed and like most, found himself scrambling around on the internet to find what equipment he could. Luckily enough, managing to get a few barbells and weights that could see him through.

Whether it was the hottest British summer on record or the delusion of lockdown getting to him, he came us with the idea of ‘The Barn Bootcamp’. 

Taking an old farm building and adjoining outdoor space that was run down and transforming it into a breathtaking training facility. 

After exploring the idea and researching what would be involved, we decided that we needed to press forwards. 

In late 2020, we began converting an old agricultural barn, which was used to store grain from the fields of which we look out on whilst we train, into an iconic location for people to come together and improve their health and fitness.

Whilst these days are early in our journey.

Our vision is clear.

On every level, we want to provide something extraordinary and unique. 

From the environment, we train people in, to the results they achieve along the way. 

That’s The Barn Bootcamp ethos.


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Six-Week Challenge

The Barn Bootcamp Six-Week Challenge is the complete transformation challenge.

We combine your training and nutrition requirements to allow you to see long-lasting results in just six weeks.

The challenge is inclusive of three group personal training sessions per week, at a time that suits you best.

The sessions have been designed to push you to progress at your own level. This means that if you're a novice or an advanced trainee, you'll be able to see a great benefit from taking on the challenge.

To ensure that you're able to fit in this challenge around your busy schedule, you'll be able to attend at any of our 21 sessions a week. Starting as early as 6:00 am and finished as late as 7:30 pm.

Whilst Nutrition can be a daunting thought for most. The Challenge allows you to take all the guessing game out of it by having one of our e

xpert team create you a bespoke nutrition plan.

We manage all your progress and programs through The Barn Bootcamp App, which acts as a valuable asset to your ongoing results.

The Six-Week Challenge is about giving you a high level of accountability and structure, in an environment of like-minded people who all want you to succeed and achieve a happier, healthier version of yourself.






Our Results

Neil had struggled with managing his weight for years.⠀

A busy job working in IT had led him to lose control of his eating habits. More often than not, his day would comprise of MacDonald's burgers, ice creams and full-fat cokes.⠀

He struggled to fit in clothes and was growing increasingly unhappy with how he looked and felt.⠀

After Neil's initial consultation, he knew that he had a big project ahead of him. However, he had a clear expectation set out for precisely what was required of him to get into the shape of his life.⠀

He's dropped over 20kg, but his transformation has changed his life far more than just the way he looks. His confidence has increased dramatically. The once shy Neil now feels more outgoing and enjoying the praise from his friends and family about his body.

- Neil Slessor (18 Weeks)

Jess was stuck in a pattern so many can relate to, repeating the same broken and mentally draining cycle over and over again, moving backwards rather than forwards.

“I was feeling extremely unmotivated as I was starting a diet every Monday, and I would fail and go back to my old habits by Wednesday.

My self-esteem was as low as it could be. I was avoiding having to go out and get dressed at all costs.”

Roll the clock forwards 12 months and Jess is unrecognisable. R

- Jessica Bui (12 Months)

James is a busy city-based worker who, after months of working from home, had allowed his health to fall into decline.

The painful reality that he needed to do something kicked in after seeing a friend complete a similar journey just a few weeks before.

Needless to say, James decided to step up to the plate and commit himself to prioritise his health and getting into the best shape of his life.

- James Osbourn (11 Week)

At the age of 62 and the other side of menopause, many might not have bothered trying to get back into the shape of their youth.

However, Sara thought otherwise. In just 12 weeks, she dropped over 11kilos and build healthy habits that will see her stand strong for years to come.

- Sara Mitchell (12 Weeks)

Ravi had been training intermittently for years; however, he always struggled to put on muscle mass and look defined.

As a vegetarian, he often found conflicting information out there about how best to go about getting into shape.

Eventually, he decided that he needed to take the guesswork out of the process and seek a professional who could help navigate him to where he wanted to get to.

- Ravi Patel (16 Weeks)

Dee spent over 20 years struggling with terrible sleep deprivation and a cumulative weight gain from a fast-paced lifestyle.

She would often go days without more than 2-3 hours of sleep, waking up feeling sluggish and lacking motivation.

Dee’s work demands were extremely high, having built herself a successful career in London. Meaning she wasn’t sure at the start how and if she would be able to fit something like this into her busy lifestyle.

Finally, she decided that she needed to prioritise herself.

She wanted to become healthier and more energetic.

After she decided enough was enough, Dee’s results have been phenomenal.

She has dropped over 12kg, remedied her sleep deprivation and built healthy lifestyle habits that have seen her maintain her results in the long term.

- Dee Miller (12 Week)

Meet Adam.

Adam has established himself as one of the best results in producing personal trainers within the fitness industry.

His career spanning over the best part of a decade, he worked across the world, helping clientele from all walks of life and worked with some of the biggest personal training businesses in the world.

He has achieved various accolades along the way, notably being named the ‘Global Personal Trainer of the Year’ in 2017.

Born in Cambridge, he has now returned to the local area to set up The Barn Bootcamp.

His mission with setting up The Barn Bootcamp is that it will become a community hub, where people come together to improve their overall health and wellbeing.



The workouts are like no other.

They have been carefully designed to cater for people of all ages, genders and abilities, whilst ensuring that you will see great progress week by week.

Each session will include aspects of Resistance, Metabolic and Cardiovascular training.

This is not your normal ‘Bootcamp in a muddy field’ kind of place. We have invested heavily in our equipment to ensure that you have the most effective workouts, whilst also taking full advantage of our unique setting by incorporating some “Farm-Based” style of training.

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Nutrition can be tricky to navigate for most. It’s no secret that your nutrition is going to have a big impact on the results you see.

Every client who joins us receives a bespoke nutrition plan from our Precision Nutrition Certified Coaches, which is design around their goals and lifestyle.

We give you realist meal plans to follow which are family-friendly, and proven to get you the best results in the quickest time possible. As well as providing you with numerous nutritional recipes to try out as well.

All plans are delivered through The Barn Bootcamp app to ensure that everything is simple and easy to follow.